Non-collateralized Nature of Structured Products

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Stay Safe Online

Macquarie Warrants would like to remind our investors to stay safe against threats of online fraud. Macquarie: Hong Kong Warrants 香港麥格理輪證專頁, which investors can follow for the latest market news and product information, is the only official Facebook page of Macquarie HK Warrants. Macquarie Warrants and its representatives will never contact you directly through social media channels or engage with investors in online chat platforms.

If you receive any message or invitation from a social media account claiming to be Macquarie or one of our representatives, please do not respond. If you are unsure of whether any communication is from Macquarie Warrants please contact the warrant hotline on 3922 3788. If you suspect a message you have received is fraudulent please email our Global Security team at and contact your local regulator or authority. Learn more about security and fraud